Cheap Tattoos v Quality Tattoos

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Here at lucky 13 tattoo studio in rathangan Co. Kildare i have been asked many times for prices for tattoos by people looking for the “cheapest” quote they can get. While shopping around is always a good idea when looking for anything … looking for the cheapest quote for a tattoo can be a very risky job. For example….. if you buy a cheap pair of shoes or a cheap shirt and they fall apart, you can go buy another and they will look nice for a while, no matter how cheap they were…. but if you get a cheap tattoo and it’s done badly or in a hurry or by a less than qualified tattooist then the results can be horrendous and difficult to live with.. because you are stuck with it.. it’s not like the cheap shoes or the cheap shirt you can dispose of once it starts to look bad. it’s there and you carry it everywhere. Then if you really aren’t ¬†happy with it you have to either have it removed or covered up… both expensive and time consuming…. or you learn to live with it. but it’s simpler to do your homework. find a tattooist whose style you like and then get tattooed. if you don’t have the money for the tattoo you really want… don’t just get tattooed for the sake of it with the cheapest one you can afford. save your money and get one you really want. it will make you much happier in the long run. I have seen some disastrous results of cheap tattoos over the years… please take the above advice and save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. it’s that simple. advice is free (like out consultations) ¬†and it’s not compulsory to take it. YOU DECIDE.